Putting a bridle together

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Put your fave pony’s bridle back together like a pro every time

Putting a bridle back together for a pony

Once you have shined your tack to perfection follow our simple steps to put your bridle back together.

Step 1 – headpiece

Check the headpiece is the correct way round – the throatlash should be to the back – then slide the browband onto it.

Attaching the browband to the headpiece of the bridle

Step 2 – cheekpieces

Attach the cheekpieces to each side of the headpiece.

Attaching the cheekpieces to a bridle

Step 3 – the bit

Attach the bit to the cheekpieces. Check the bit is the right way round – the mouthpiece should be slightly curved forwards to fit in your pony’s mouth.

Attaching a bit to a bridle

Step 4 – noseband

Thread the long strap on the noseband through each side of the browband and inside the headpiece, then fasten to the other strap on the noseband.

Attaching the noseband to a bridle

Top tip – Check the noseband hangs inside the bit and cheekpieces

Did you know? On some bridles, the long strap from the noseband sits over the headpiece, rather than under it.

Step 5 – reins

Fasten the reins to the bit rings below the cheekpieces, making sure they’re not twisted or tangled.

Attaching the reins to a bridle

Top tip – Practice makes perfect when it comes to putting bridles back together. Why not challenge your friends to see who can do it fastest, or even blind-folded?

Are you ready for the next step? check out how to put your bridle on your pony and check its fit.

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