Cleaning synthetic tack

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Did you catch our tack cleaning features in the July and August PONY? But what if you have synthetic tack? Worry no more, here are some ideas to keep them spick and span.

There are several companies which manufacture synthetic saddles – and they all offer specialist cleaners for their saddles. Otherwise you can start by vacuuming dust and hair from the saddle with a small brush attachment. Or brush hair off before you begin.

You can rub your tack over with a damp towel – sometimes that’s all you need!

Suede parts should be brushed gently.

Remember to clean your pony’s bit after every ride – and polish your stirrups. Some synthetic stirrup leathers can stretch more easily than leather, so swap them over regularly. Check all fittings for wear and tear, just as you do on a leather saddle.

Some people even put their webbing bridles in the washing machine! You might like to put them in a pillow case to protect the machine drum from the buckles – and remember to take the bit off, first!

As with leather tack, make sure the underneath of the saddle and bridle is sparkling clean – this is the part that is closest to your pony, and deposits of sweat and hair can cause pressure points, resulting in galls. Keep your tack clean!


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