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Confused by the huge variety of boots for ponies out there? Read our article to find out what you should be looking out for.

Being overprotective?
All types of horsey boot are for use over a short space of time. If they are left on for long periods they can rub and make the legs sore – especially in wet, muddy conditions.

Lots of people like to turn their horses and ponies out in the field with boots on to protect them against knocks and kicks. This is okay if your pony only goes out for a few hours. It’s best not to leave boots on overnight or longer.

Your pony’s boots should always be clean and dry before you put them on.

Reasons to be protective
When breaking in a horse or pony to ride it is a good idea to use brushing boots on all four legs as the pony will not have established their balance, and will be more likely to knock themselves.

Horses and ponies with poor conformation will often move badly. Conditions such as brushing, dishing, paddling and plaiting all come about when a pony has poor conformation and doesn’t move straight. It’s a good idea to fit boots to such a pony to protect the legs against knocks and scrapes.

Fitting boots correctly
All the straps and fastenings of the boot should always be on the outside of the leg, NEVER on the inside.

It’s very important that boots are fitted correctly. They must be long enough so they reach the bottom of the fetlock joint but they must also fit snug under the knee joint. If they are too long and come up over the knee, they will restrict the pony’s movement.

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