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Ever fancied trying your hand at carriage driving? PONY visited Bradbourne Riding and Driving Centre in Kent to find out all about GB medal-winning carriage driver Sara Howe and her fab team of ponies. Read the feature in January PONY Magazine, and check out more pics and video from our day here!

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Pony European Dressage Champion Phoebe Peters gives us her top tips and advice for riding a dressage test – in this video series, she tells us how to ride the perfect circles, diagonals and transitions!


Real-life drama

When Alice moved to a new yard, she wasn’t expecting her pony cracker to share a stable!

Cracker marched off the trailer in her usual confident way. Maggie, the yard owner, had put a bed...more

Top pony schooling

Pony European Dressage Champion Phoebe Peters gives her top tips and advice for successfully learning, practising and riding a dressage test in January PONY Magazine!

Learn it!Fear the dreaded mind-blank no more! 1. Pattern mattersIf you learn the test only using...more

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