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Top pony schooling

Confident hacking = fun hacking. Check out our top tips for hacking out with confidence so you and your fave pony can have a great time!

1. Take a friendA more experienced friend and pony will give you and your pony confidence, plus you'll...more

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Top pony schooling

Whether you love cross-country or showjumping, a good rhythm when jumping is the key to success. Top eventer, Izzy Taylor, gives her tips to perfect your rhythm.

Our trainerIzzy Taylor competes at four-star level and has completed some of the biggest events in...more

Top pony care!

Spring grass is filling the fields, and for many ponies it means an expanding waistline. Briony Mitchell, Senior Nutritionist at Baileys Horse Feeds, explains more.

Why do ponies get fat?Weight gain happens when a pony's nutritional intake is greater than his physical...more

Top pony care!

Check out our simple tips for how to make your life at the yard easier!

1. Label everything! Anything that you regularly find yourself without and spend valuable riding time...more

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