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Well, itís been a dull and dismal New Year so far, but we are in high spirits as Kate said that this year we will be able to be featured in loads more PONY Mag vids, yippee!

We've heard that PONY Mag is looking to make some super cool new videos, and Soloman and I are obviously...more

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Want to know all about Shire horses? Check out some cool facts about the amazing breed!

Hundreds of years ago, Shires served in wars. They were used to carry knights in armour, as they...more

Top pony schooling

Does your pony get up to no good when you take him out for a ride? Donít panic Ė check out these naughty habit-busting ideas!

Grab a take-awayPonies are well known for thinking about their tummies, so if there's an opportunity...more

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Do you ride a pony who shares personality traits with a famous pop star? Find out if your pony has a pop star personality with our guide!

Taylor SwiftShe's a mare on a mission! Taylor does just go places - she goes places with purpose....more

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