September 2017

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Hacking problems: solved!

There’s nothing better than going out on a long summer hack with your friends, but it can be worrying if your pony misbehaves. We problem-bust some common issues Read On

Be a jumping know-all!

Think you're a jumping guru? We’ve got a super-hard quiz for you here – all about showjumping history. Give it a try! Play

Laminitis Quiz

How much do you know about laminitis? Test your knowledge here! Play

Which celeb rider are you?

Are you a dressage diva like Charlotte or a speed-demon like Scott? Perhaps you’re an adrenalin junkie like William or a pony-whisperer like Emma? Take our quiz to find out which celeb rider you’re most similar to! Play

Bedding quiz

Do you know everything you should about which bedding your pony should have? Play

Saddle cleaning quiz

Is your saddle sparkling-clean? Take our quiz to test your knowledge! Play

Ponies deserve second chances, too!

Leanne was determined to prove her friend’s pony wasn’t evil, just misunderstood. Read On

Real Life Drama: Bolted with because I lied!

Angela was so blinded by her beach riding obsession that she was willing to lie to fulfil her dream... Read On

Real LIfe Drama: A cruel twist of fate

When Jenny handed loan horse Mickey back to his owner, they had certainly been through the wars together! But it wasn’t to end there... Read On

Real Life Drama: My riding school closed down!

When Ali had to say goodbye to her favourite pony, she wondered whether to give up riding altogether... Read On

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September 2017

Latest Issue

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