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Top pony care!

Ponies can seem a bit spooky sometimes, and appear to know what we are thinking. Our feature looks at the strange and wonderful idea that ponies can read our minds!

Have you ever been to the yard and found your pony isn't quite his usual self? Maybe he's a bit jumpy....more

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Top pony schooling

Having confidence problems with your jumping? Or is your technique letting you down? Our feature will help!

The first thing to get your head around is that everyone starts by being nervous of jumping. Everyone!...more

Articles & News

Carl and Valegro need no introduction – Carl’s the amazing Olympic-gold-medal-winning dressage rider, and Valegro’s the world’s number one dressage horse!

(Ooops, that was an introduction - never mind!) See Valegro as a tiny foal, see amazing behind-the...more

Articles & News

A dainty little pony with his own Facebook following and huge fan club won the hearts of the judges at Equifest to claim the overall RSPCA (England and Wales) Rescue Horse Championship.

Just six months ago, Gizmo was found lying near an Essex Caravan Park having been dumped in freezing...more

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