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According to a recent survey, a huge number of road users want horse riders to take some sort of equine driving test before they are allowed on the public roads. What do YOU think?

According to flexed.co.uk, drivers think that the increasing number of young riders means that there...more

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Summertime is perfect for lovely hacking June PONY Magazine is full of ideas to make the most of it!

Before you head out, it's important to make sure you have the basics down: Make certain you are...more

Articles & News

Recording your achievements by passing tests is a great way to boost your confidence, provide a measure of your knowledge and ensure you are in the right lesson.

Progress your riding and horsemanship!The Pony Club is the perfect place to study for and take tests....more

Articles & News

First in a two-part series with Olympic rider Brook Staples, and Blaize with her pony, Teddy.

This month, Brook gives ideas on how Blaize and Teddy can prepare themselves for fences they'll see...more

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