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We worked out our fave pony’s star signs - check them out!

Read our two-part pony star signs feature in the July and August issues? If not, get your copies here....more

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Top pony schooling

Does your pony get stressed at shows? Find out why and how to make going to a show fun for you both.

Why so stressed?It's common for ponies to become a bit more difficult to manage at a show or an event,...more

Win it!

PONY needs YOU! Simply fill in our pony care survey, and you could win one of five gorgeous Gatehouse Jeunesse riding hats!

The new Gatehouse Jeunesse has been designed especially with the young rider in mind. Conforming to...more

Top pony care!

We groom ponies to keep them looking tidy and super-smart, and to help maintain the health of their skin and coat. Follow our guide to perfect grooming to make sure your fave pony outshines his pals!

You need...  ...a body brush to remove dirt, dust and scurf from his coat. ...a dandy brush...more

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Wanna contact PONY Mag?

Not sure how to send things into PONY?

Send stuff for Pony think tank, Help! Shout out, you solve it, perfect pets and fess ups! more

Web extras

Web extras

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Extra bits, more info, downloads and top secret stuff. You gotta get PONY to get it, get it? more

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