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Volunteering with horses and ponies can be a great way of getting closer to them – as well as being rewarding. We take a look at the opportunities available.

There are many places at which you can volunteer, and many different activities you can do. From helping...more

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Top pony schooling

Oh dear, we’ve all been there. But we’ve got the solutions to this problem…

Reason: Your warm up wasn't as good as it could have been. Warming up for jumping is important preparation....more

Articles & News

Team PONY trotted off to meet mini star Twiggy and her Pony Pals mates. We’ve a whole feature devoted to them – and here’s a taster!

When Twiggy was orphaned in 2014 at only a few days old, her future looked bleak. Would such a tiny...more

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Find out how you’d cope in an emergency by reading our scenario, and quickly choosing the option you think is closest to how you would react – in other words, what you would do!

Discover our analysis of your decision once you've decided! (Don't take too long to make up your mind...more

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