PONY Annual 2014
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PONY Annual 2014

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With all the latest horsey gear, the May issue is ultra-must-have! But this year it is extra special.

15/04/14 09:54 PONY magazine Set the trends this summer with our pick fo the best horsey gear around...more

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Love the best pony magazine on the planet and want it delivered every single darn day to your door?!

PONY magazine is offering you this fabulous Born to Ride set if you take out a susbcription and quote...more

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We're searching for the next star of a PONY t-shirt and hoodie and want you to nominate your glamorous pony!

08/04/14 12:06 PONY magazine If you have a particularly photogenic and gorgeous horse or pony and...more

Articles & News

The British Equestrian Trade Association has launched an exciting competition to celebrate 2014, the BETA Year of the Horse. Nominations are invited from everyone with a favourite horse from a cuddly family pony to an equine superstar that has inspired them.

The winner will choose from a specially commissioned portrait of their nominated horse or a beautiful...more

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PONY Annual 2014
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