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Pedro the Shetland pony has caused quite a stir since moving into his new home in London. But standing no taller than a large dog, he unfortunately couldn't see over his stable door, so a novel solution had to be thought up!

Pedro was ideal for the centre due to his size, making him the perfect character to greet young people...more

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Twiggy's Tales

With February came the first sprinkle of snow for Twiggy and her best friend, Mr Kipling. I have to say, they weren't that impressed with the whole situation and demanded to come inside and put their PJ's on!

As donkeys are not waterproof, Mr Kipling needs to live in the barn when the wet weather is here,...more

Duggie's blog

Have you checked out Spring PONY Mag yet? Itís one of the best issues for a long time, I can tell you that.

Why, you ask? Well, there are three whole pages dedicated to ME! Two pages are all about what happens...more

Articles & News

This is HAPPA Second Chance Autumn. She is currently available on the 'Horses and Ponies Protection Association' Loan Scheme.

Vital StatisticsBeautiful 12.2hh, Dartmoor, 8yrs, dark bay mare. Autumn's BlogHi, my name is Autumn,...more

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