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Luv Ponies Nov14

Top pony schooling

Did you read Lorraine Jennings’ top ideas for staying warm when riding in January PONY? Here are some more ideas – and you can download our school pdf so you can plan your schooling sessions this winter!

Get moving!Stay active! Creeping about the yard moaning that you're cold won't get your warm. Go at...more

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Did you see our fab feature in January PONY on how to decorate your pony for Christmas? Fancy giving it a try? Here’s our step-by-step guide to creating awesome stencil designs, and a few ideas to make sure you and your fave pony are totally bling-tastic for the festive season!

Step 1 - Chose a stencil and stick it onto you pony's coat. Smooth down the hair inside the stencil. Step...more

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What do you think this horse is shouting at his pony friend? If you're feeling festive, come and check out our fun caption competition!

Comment in the Disqus box below with what you think they're saying. We'll pick our favourite caption...more

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Who doesn’t love a good horoscope to see them through the year ahead? We look at whether you’re an Air, Water, Fire or Earth sign, and gaze into our crystal ball to see what’s in store in the year ahead!

  If you were born under an Air sign, you're a curious rider, always seeking to improve your...more

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