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PONY visits Hurst Green Shires

Want to know all about Shire horses? Check out some cool facts about the amazing breed!

  • Hundreds of years ago, Shires served in wars. They were used to carry knights in armour, as they are strong enough to do so and also wear armour themselves.
  • The Shire Horse is the tallest of the modern draught breeds. They commonly stand at 18 or 19 hands high.
  • Shires can be black, brown, bay or grey.
  • They have distinctive feather on their lower leg.
  • The Shire a descendent of the ‘Great Horse’, which was developed for use in battle in the Middle Ages. The name Shire was given to the breed in the 1700s.
  • The Shire originated in England.
  • Shires are known as gentle giants, because of their friendly and docil manner.
  • The largest horse in recorded history is a Shire named Mammoth, born in 1848. He stood 21.2 hh and his peak weight was estimated at 1,500kg.


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