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Meet the stars behind Spirit: Untamed

Looking for more awesome Spirit: Untamed content? Check out how the voice behind Lucky, Isabela Merced, gets into character for a scene and how Director Elaine Bogan’s horsey experiences shaped the film

Set to be the film of the summer, Spirit: Untamed is the latest instalment in the franchise. Get in the mood to watch this super-cool film by getting to know the people behind it!

What do your friends think about your voice acting? Have you enjoyed acting in Spirit?

Isabela: I did a Dora the Explorer show back in the day, so my friends are pretty cool with it! Although now they say they can’t drive anywhere without seeing a big sign with me and Lucky on it! It’s so exciting to be part of a Dreamworks movie – I’ve always loved Shrek, especially! Their films have all the heart and humour I love, and they fit so well with what I love about films. Singing the main tune has been super-cool, too! It was even written by Amy, who’s an Oscar-winning composer! There are so many awesome women behind this project, you could really feel the empowerment and female energy while we worked on it.

How do you get into character for a scene?

Isabela: I have to be reminded occasionally, especially with longer breaks, such as before and between lockdowns! All I needed was to see a scene or hear a line and it reminded me of Lucky’s essence. I also pulled inspiration from a younger version of me and people I know. I got a lot of support from the team, too, and they really embraced me and what I wanted to bring to the role. I felt more comfortable to make choices with the direction I took Lucky in thanks to their support. It was a super-fun experience and I really enjoyed it!

How has your horsey experience helped your directorial work on Spirit?

Elaine: As a kid, being put into an environment with huge horses made me find a type of strength, confidence and bravery that I wouldn’t have got anywhere else. When I first started as a director it was in an environment with a range of professional, veteran and skilled artist and story tellers, many of whom were men at the time! Progressing my career required me to build a huge amount of grit and determination that related directly to my horsey childhood.

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