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Meet Anya Dewey Clarke


Get to know the superstar showjumper and her adorable ponies!

It’s been an action-packed year so far for Anya Dewey Clarke after she was awarded Leading Rider of the Weekend at the Aintree Small Pony Premier. Team PONY was super-excited to catch up with Anya and talk all about ponies!

Tell us about yourself! How old are you and when did you start riding?

I’m nine years old and started learning to ride at a riding school when I was three! Although, I did have a little ride on a Shetland when I was a baby.

What’s your favourite discipline?

Definitely showjumping!

Do you have any hobbies other than riding?

I play hockey at school, but when I’m at home, I love taking my dog for long walks as well as learning about ponies!

What’s your favourite riding memory?

This is tough! But if I had to pick one it would probably be winning the Springboard final with Mini, or the first time I won at Horse of the Year Show – that was unforgettable!

Who was your first pony?

Momo, or ‘Little Mo’! He was an adorable 11hh chestnut.

What’s your favourite colour?

Purple or peach!

How many ponies are there in your team?

I ride nine ponies. It certainly keeps me busy!

Get to know Anya’s ponies…

Pav (aka Perfect Pav)

Show name: Brookhall Pavarotti
Height: 127cm
Age: 16
Colour: Chestnut
Fave treat: Besties
Top memory: There are so many! We’ve done loads fun things, but probably winning a comp before he was mine. And of course, HOYS!
Plans for 2024: Have lots of fun! Plus, qualify for HOYS and RIHS

Jim (aka Jumping Jim)

Show name: Jim!
Height: 128cm
Age: 15
Colour: Grey
Fave treat: Polos
Top memory: Qualifying for London International Horse Show. I was SO proud of him!
Plans for 2024: Jim is my superstar. He’s already qualified for RIHS which is amazing, and we hope to jump at HOYS, too!

Monty (aka Marvellous Monty)

Show name: Tullibards Silver Mine
Height: 138cm
Age: 16
Colour: Grey
Fave treat: Stud Muffins
Top memory: When he became mine because it was a total surprise!
Plans for 2024: Get some experience jumping in the 138cm classes

Elliot (aka Exuberant Elliot)

Show name: Toplines Royal Wonder
Height: 128cm
Age: 9
Colour: Tri-coloured
Fave treat: Mints
Top memory: Elliot is such a happy boy, and he’s just qualified for RIHS!
Plans for 2024: Strengthen our bond and jump the top tracks

Casper (aka Courageous Casper)

Show name: Bronheulog Gold Dust
Height: 122cm
Age: 11
Colour: Palomino
Fave treat: Supreme Treaties
Top memory: Riding at RIHS! I also love watching him roll in the field every day, it’s SO funny!
Plans for 2024: Do some working hunter clases with him and hopefully qualify for HOYS and RIHS in the 122cm Show Hunter pony class

Snappy (aka Super Snappy/Snappy Snapster)

Show name: Kilcreene Snapdragon
Height: 128cm
Age: 10
Colour: Chestnut
Fave treat: Carrots
Top memory: Qualifying for RIHS this year
Plans for 2024: We can’t wait to go to RIHS together, and it would be amazing if we could qualify for HOYS, too!

Uli (aka Ultimate Uli)

Show name: Uli Van Duyversputten
Height: 128cm
Age: 7
Colour: Chestnut
Fave treat: Horslyx treats
Top memory: I’ve not had Uli for very long, but we’ve been on some lovely hacks with my friends!
Plans for 2024: Just enjoy getting to know each other and bonding as a team


Show name: Kellythorpes Kitten Heels
Height: 133cm
Age: 11
Colour: Skewbald
Fave treat: Thelwell Ponios
Top memory: Our first time arena eventing – it was epic!
Plans for 2024: Compete at the Blue Chip final. I also want to jump second rounds in the 80cm and 90cm classes, and maybe even do my first ever one day event!


Show name: Springwater Sweet Violet
Height: 122cm
Age: 8
Breed: Dartmoor
Colour: Bay
Fave treat: Rainbow eats ANYTHING
Top memory: Taking her to cross country for the first time!
Plans for 2024: We’re going to focus on our training and improving our skills!


Which pony is the funniest?

Pav – he crosses his front legs and smiles at me! He’s so cute! Although Snappy is hilarious when he licks the walls!

Which pony can jump the biggest?

Monty – probably because he is the biggest! But out of the other ponies probably Jim or Snappy, I’m torn! Maybe I should do a ‘Chase me, Charlie’ – but then I’d want them both to win!

Which pony is the fastest?

My old pony Mini was the fastest, she was the best. But now it’s probably Snappy Snapster!

Which pony loves being in the field the most?

They all love field time! Casper gets the dirtiest, though.

What’s your biggest horsey ambition?

To ride for Great Britain at the Olympics!

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