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How to improve without a pony

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Not lucky enough to own a pony? You can still improve your riding and care skills without one!

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It’s great to have your very own pony, or one you loan or share. But if you don’t, there are still loads of ways you can increase your pony time, and improve your riding skills in between lessons! Check out these great ways to fill your days with all things pony! 

Read all about it

You’ll learn loads about riding and pony care if you spend time looking through horsey books, watching vids and, of course, reading PONY mag! You can even use your imagination to help you, by picturing yourself sitting in the perfect position, or riding an awesome dressage test! You’re sure to find what you’ve learnt useful when it comes to actually being in the saddle! 

Top tip 

You don’t just have to read pony text books. Why not pick up a horsey novel and enter the world of ponies in your imagination? You can still learn lots about them, plus reading about all the characters’ adventures will be great fun!

Work on your fitness

You know that ponies need to be fit for riding, but so do you! Luckily, there are lots of ways to exercise that’ll help you become a more effective rider. Why not start jogging to get your stamina up, or go to a pilates or yoga class to improve your balance and core strength? You’ll find it soon starts to pay off in your riding lessons!

Watch horsey demos  

A super-fun way to improve your riding knowledge is to go out and watch professional riders do their thing! Riding demos are specially geared towards teaching you how to improve. Not only is it a fun day or evening out, you may even get the chance to meet your fave horsey celebs! 

Volunteer with ponies

What better way to up your pony time than to volunteer to help out at a riding school, or even a pony charity? Not only will it give you the chance to hang out with your fave animal all day, helping with pony chores is a great way to learn lots of new skills. You need to be aged 14 or over to help at a riding centre, though, and ask a parent to check out all the rules on volunteering first.

Join the Pony Club 

The Pony Club isn’t just for pony owners! You can become a non-riding member if you don’t have regular access to a pony or transport. This means you can still take part in loads of fun stuff, like stable management rallies, and compete in any of the non-riding activities, like the national quiz and triathlon. Plus, you’re sure to make lots of new horsey friends as well!

Top tip 

Why not work towards a Pony Club stable management badge? It’ll help you learn loads and give you a great sense of achievement! 

Review your notes  

A great way to make sure you improve is to note down what you’ve learnt after every riding lesson. You can do this in a notebook or journal so you don’t forget what your instructor’s told you. If you look back at your notes a few times before the next lesson, your riding’s sure to improve more quickly, as you’re soaking up so much pony knowledge! 

Top tip 

Try to make notes soon after your lesson. That way, you’re less likely to forget anything! 

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8 responses to “How to improve without a pony”

  1. Liv_Equestrian2 says:

    Even though I do loan, I only get two days a week so this is SUPER helpful!! Thank you, PONY, also, star stable is a super fun games if you don’t have a pony!

  2. Sawyer4ever says:

    thanks pony I’m going to be on vacation for month
    this will really help.

  3. I really like this information because I don’t have a pony

  4. stella shyfrin says:

    this really helps because i broke my ankle and can’t ride😭

  5. MAIA & 🐎 says:

    Thanks so much !!! It was sooooooo helpful!!!!!!!!!!🥰

  6. Thanks pony mag
    I NEEEEEEEED a pony
    I might get a loan soon can’t wait
    I do all of those things I’ve even done the HorseWorld adoptions on kiera she’s soooo cute I love the up dates
    Pc is the best!!!!

  7. Anabelle says:

    Yes, your so right! This article was so helpful, great tips!!!!

  8. HorseGirl says:

    Thanks sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! This was REALLY helpful!!!!!!!

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