Jumping on an angle

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Jumping at an angle

If you and your horse find jumping on the angle easy, you can up the ante by stringing together a short course of angled fences…

Jumping on an angle riding exercise

  1. Start by riding down the KXM line to jump the fence at X.
  2. When you reach M, ride deep into the corner and look around the turn back to the fence near G.
  3. Ride out of the CH corner onto the short diagonal from H to B, jumping the fence near G.
  4. Bounce off the track at B and ride back to the fence near D on the B to K short diagonal.

You’ll need to be quick to make the turns, so keep your horse’s canter condensed but bouncy to help you. You can always ride over the fences as poles on the floor to help you get a feel for how the short course rides. Don’t be afraid to bring your horse back to trot at any point, too, because letting him hurry won’t make the exercise any easier.

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