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Posted 31st January 2024

Follow Yazmin Pinchen-McCulloch’s tips to help your pony land on the correct leg to create a smoother showjumping round

help your pony land on the correct lead

Did you know that you can save so much time in your showjumping round just by landing on the correct lead? Not only this, but your pony will also be more likely to jump clear if he’s in good balance and a consistent rhythm.

Have a go at my exercise to help refine your aids and teach your pony to land on the correct canter lead every time!

Set it up

You’ll need five pairs of wings and 11 poles. Start by creating a treble down the centre line with each fence one stride apart, then place a pole on the ground 2.5m in front of the first fence. Position two more fences – one off to the right and one to the left – after the final fence of the treble, leaving four strides between them.

Top tip

Change up the direction you turn after the single fences, too, so your pony doesn’t predict where he’s going.

Step by step

To build your pony’s confidence gradually and give you the chance to really refine your aids, work through this exercise slowly. When your pony feels confident, stays relaxed and in a good rhythm throughout, move on to the next step.

  1. Canter down the line of poles, riding straight between the two single fences.
  2. Keep all the poles on the floor and ride through, adding in the right- and left-hand turns.
  3. Repeat step two with the final part of the treble as a cross-pole.
  4. Add in the second and then first fences of the treble and jump through in a straight line. Then, incorporate the left and right turns.
  5. Raise the two single fences and ride through the entire exercise, making sure you work your pony evenly. That means approaching on each rein and turning in both directions after the last fence in the treble.

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