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Posted 25th April 2024

Want to make your pony stand out from the crowd? Check out Meg’s top turnout tips!


Getting prepared for a comp? Having a photoshoot to capture gorgeous memories? Or just treating your pony to a pamper session? Follow my ultimate guide that will get your fave equine gleaming from head to hoof.

Brush away

First things first, your pony needs a proper groom! At this time of year, he’s probably been enjoying rug-free days in the field, so he’s sure to be grubby all the way down to his skin – the aim is to lift all the dirt until it becomes easy to brush off!

So, roll up your sleeves and get started. Want to know my top grooming tip? Use a curry comb first to encourage the dirt to loosen, then flick it off with a soft brush.

Did you know?

Grooming can help stimulate blood flow, which is good for your pony’s skin and coat health. Bonus!

Bubble up

Bathing your pony is the ultimate way to get him squeaky clean, but it’s not always the right weather for a bath and some ponies prefer not to be completely soaked. Instead, you could spot wash, which is a great way to tackle those very grubby areas without getting your pony wet all over.

Remember to rinse out all the bubbles to prevent your pony’s skin from becoming sore and sensitive!

Top tip

While bathing occasionally is good for keeping your pony’s skin healthy, too much washing can reduce the coat’s natural oils.

Discover more of Meg’s tips to get your pony sparkling in June PONY – out now!

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