Master the road

Posted 25th April 2024

Feel confident riding along roads with our top tips


Whether you’re lucky enough to have direct access to miles of off-road hacking, or your fave routes require road work, knowing how to ride safely on the streets around you is essential. Find out how to do just that, right here!

Making a manoeuvre

Follow these simple steps to safely navigate the roads…

  1. Check both ways that it’s safe before signalling.
  2. Signal really clearly and for a long count of three.
  3. Look again to check the road is still clear.
  4. If it’s safe, make your turn!

Top tip

Avoid trotting on the road unless it’s essential (it can jar your pony’s legs, leading to injury), and never when turning, as tarmac can be slippery, especially if your pony’s shod.

Conquer confidence

Avoid riding on the road alone, especially if you or your pony are inexperienced. Instead, hack out with a knowledgeable friend on a confident pony, or even an adult on foot.

Did you know?

If your pony has been off work for a while, walking along roads can be a great way to bring him gradually back into work!

Top tip

Never ride on the road without at least one piece of high-vis clothing on you and also on your pony. It means car drivers can see you up to three seconds sooner!

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