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Posted 31st January 2024

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best buds pony relationships

Ponies are very sociable animals and most ponies love having company when in the field. But, just as with humans, they have their own personalities, which means not all ponies like each other.

Let’s find out how to introduce your pony to a new fieldmate and the signs to look out for that will tell you whether they’re set to be BFFs! 

Chit chat

Don’t rush the introduction process, because when ponies are suddenly put into new or stressful situations, they can react strongly if they’re not comfortable. The first step is to do your research to find another pony who seems a suitable match in terms of temperament.

It’s a good idea to chat to other owners to find out more about their ponies – including what sort of personality their pony has, his likes and dislikes, as well as his turnout routine. 

Top tip

Try going out for a ride with your pony’s friend-to-be before putting them in the field together. It might give you an indication about how well they’ll get along.

First impressions

Once you think you’ve found the best match for your pony, put on your hat, gloves and suitable footwear, then allow your pony to meet his new potential friend on the yard. Keep them several metres apart to start with and decrease the distance gradually – as long as they are happy – to allow them to greet and smell each other.

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