Position pointers

Posted 30th March 2023

Pippa Funnell shares her top tips to help you achieve the perfect position!


Having a secure position means you’ll be in good balance, ready to move with your pony, and deal with any unexpected spooks! But how do you know if your position is tip top? Check out my handy hints!

Even it out

When you’re on board, think about where you’re sitting – is your weight evenly distributed and are you sitting in the middle of the saddle? To work out whether you’re central, check that there’s a straight line from your pony’s poll and mane to the zip of your jacket.

Top to bottom

Walk your pony down the centre line and ask him to halt. Keep your position and then ask a friend to hold a stick up vertically against you. Is your shoulder in line with your hip and heel? To check your position while on the move, ask a friend to take a pic from a side-on angle in walk, trot and canter. Can you see an imaginary straight line from your shoulder down to your heels?


There are lots of exercises and tools you can use to improve your position. Riding without stirrups or doing lunges out of the saddle are great for boosting leg strength and stability, for example!

Get in line

Keeping a stable leg position can be tricky, but if your leg swings back, your upper body will tip forward easily. That’s not an ideal position to be in if your pony spooks or stops at a jump, you could go flying over his head!

However, having your leg too far forward will also put you off balance. Pushing your heels towards your pony’s elbows means you might get left behind and your leg will be less effective at giving clear aids. So think about keeping your leg underneath you and it’ll be super-effective and help you stay in perfect balance!

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