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Posted 30th March 2023

Keep your pony’s weight in check with This Esme


Did you know that ponies are more likely to be overweight compared with horses? Obesity can lead to other problems, such as equine metabolic syndrome and laminitis, so keeping your pony slim is the key to keeping him healthy – no matter his age, breed or workload! So how can you keep track of his weight? Here are two simple methods!


Keep track of your pony’s weight and body condition score by writing down the results and taking pictures from the same angle each time – that way you’ll be able to see any changes, good or bad!

Step one: weighing up

Compared with a weighbridge, a weightape isn’t super-accurate, but using one regularly (ideally every 2–3 weeks) will give you a good idea whether your pony has lost or gained weight.

Carefully pass the tape over his back and around his belly, and hold it snugly against his skin, but not too tight! Ideally, you should measure at two points – just behind his elbow where the girth sits and further towards his hindquarters, around the widest part. Each time you measure your pony, try to do it at the same time of day, with the same tape, and make sure he’s standing on a flat, even surface.


A good exercise routine is another important part of weight management, but it can be hard to incorporate if your pony’s retired, like Mickey. I keep him as active as possible by taking him on regular walks around the farm – it’s great for his physical and mental wellbeing!

For more ways to keep on top of your pony’s weight, follow This Esme’s tips in May PONY – on sale now!

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