Wintry wanders

Posted 10th November 2023

Enjoy hacking with your fave pony throughout the colder months with our ultimate guide


Fewer daylight hours in winter means we need to be extra careful and make sensible decisions when it comes to hacking. But with our top tips, you’ll be able to carry on adventuring with your pony and pals even when the weather isn’t on your side!

Shine bright

No matter where you go hacking, you should always wear high-vis. Ideally, you and your pony will wear at least one item of high-vis each. It’s a good idea to mix up the colours to make yourselves super-visible, too! You can also get high-vis kit that have flashing lights and reflective strips – how cool is that?!

Swot up

Knowing and understanding the Highway Code is essential, no matter what time of year or where you’re hacking. It explains all about how to ride on the roads to help keep you and your pony safe.

Did you know?

Hacking will do wonders for your pony’s confidence because he’ll see so many different things and experience new places. 

Think about time

Just because you might finish school when it’s light doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to go out for a hack when you get to the yard – even if you don’t have to ride on the roads. Always plan your hacks to make sure that you’re home while it’s still light.

Winter means being creative to ensure you can enjoy riding – why not ask your yard owner whether you can hack around the edge of your fields if your pony needs to let off steam but the light is poor?

Did you know?

The British Horse Society has a Ride Safe Award and a special app called Horse i, both of which aim to keep you safe and reduce the number of accidents involving ponies on the roads.

Read more of our ultimate winter hacking guide in January PONY! Get your copy today!

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