Winter’s calling

Posted 10th November 2023

Be super-prepared this winter with PONY’s great tips to help you keep on top of your yard jobs!


Winter can be a hard time for managing your pony and getting yard jobs done. However, there are plenty of things you can be doing to make it easier for yourself and they’ll keep your pony in tip-top condition through winter, too!

Tight for time

When hanging out at the yard on the weekend, make up a load of haynets for your pony to last him for a few days or through the week. This will save you sooo much time when you’re in a rush after school, which means you’ll have more time to ride!

Stock up

While making up haynets, it’s important to remember that your pony may drop weight through winter and that he has less grass time. Make sure he’s getting the correct amount of forage for his condition – he needs at least 1.5% of his bodyweight in dry matter each day – ask your yard manager or instructor to help you work out how much hay he needs if you’re struggling.

Stay ahead

Make up your pony’s night feeds in the morning. This can help save time when you’re at the yard after school – especially when the nights are so dark!

Did you know?
Cold weather can cause your pony to drop weight because he’ll be using more calories to stay warm.

Keep an eye out

It’s worth speaking to a nutritionist to find out if your pony requires more, or a different, feed during winter. Ponies naturally lose weight in the colder months, but if he’s struggling to maintain good condition, they’ll be able to advise on dietary changes.

Find out more of our top tips for getting prepared this winter with January PONY – get your copy today!

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