Treble trouble

Posted 10th November 2023

Learn how to jump trebles perfectly with our awesome tips!


Depending on the level you compete at, you might come across a treble in your showjumping course but they’re also a form of gridwork so are super-handy when training!

Trebles can help improve your pony’s strength, athleticism and jumping technique – as well as the confidence of both of you! So why not check out our top tips and give them a go in your next jumping sesh?

Set it up

You’ll need at least six poles and six wings to create a treble. You could include fillers or an oxer if you want, but it’s best to start with a simple layout if you’ve never jumped a treble before. In this exercise, we’re focusing on one-stride distances, so set each fence 6.1–7.3m apart.



Did you know?

A treble is a combination of three fences on a straight line. Each fence is one or two strides apart.

Placed poles

Once you’ve warmed up, ride through the treble in both directions, with the poles laid on the ground, to get your pony familiar with the exercise. Have a go in all three paces, remembering that the distances will be slightly longer than one canter stride, so try to focus on maintaining a consistent rhythm.


Next, set up a cross-pole on the middle set of wings and have a go at jumping it on both reins. Once you feel confident, add in the other two, one at a time. Be sure to keep the heights low to begin with, though.

Did you know?

In a showjumping course, the fences in a treble will be labelled A, B and C.

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