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Tacking up dos and don’ts!

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Getting in a muddle when you’re tacking up? Check out our dos and don’ts to help you get it right every time.

For the first part, we’re focusing on saddles! Check out our step-by-step on how to put on a saddle in December PONY magazine.

Do… groom him where his tack will sit, so he doesn’t get rubbed from mud or sweat.

Don’t… use a dirty, sweaty numnah under his saddle, as it could rub or irritate his skin.

Do… place the saddle on your pony’s back gently – don’t just drop it on, because he could get a fright or it could hurt him.

Don’t… leave your stirrups irons hanging down as you put on or take off your saddle, otherwise they could hit your pony and spook him.

Do… make sure his numnah or saddle pad is lying flat under the saddle, otherwise it’ll be uncomfortable for him when you’re riding

Don’t… heave his girth up as tight as possible straightaway – gradually tighten it a hole at the time.

Do… tighten the girth evenly on each side, rather than one side on the bottom hole and the other side on the top!


Next month, read our bridling dos and don’ts!

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