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Transform your pony’s long flowing locks with these funky styles

Fun plait in a horse's mane

Plaits aren’t just for ponies with short manes, and there are loads of great  ways to style flowing locks! You can use them to make your fave pony look super-smart for shows or keep his mane neat and tidy for hacking or jumping.

Running plait

A running plait is super-easy, but looks impressive. If you want the plait to run high along your pony’s crest, keep the mane firm and straight as you plait. Your other option is to let the plait drop down gently so it follows the line of his neck.  

How to do a running plait in a horse's mane

  1. Take a small section of hair from the top of his mane and divide it into two. Cross the right section over the left. 
  2. Now take a third section of mane from the left and cross it over into the middle. Continue plaiting along the mane, each time taking in another lock of hair.
  3. When you’ve run out of mane to bring in, plait to the end of the hair and secure with a band. To make it look super-neat, fold the end under and wrap another band around it.

Top tip

Make your pony look even more fancy by doing a running plait on either side of his neck! Part his mane along the crest, then plait each side. You’ll have less hair to work with, so take in smaller sections as you plait.

Scallop plaits

You’ll really impress your friends with this awesome scallop design, which is much easier to create than it looks! Here’s how…

How to do scallops plait in horse's mane

  1. Divide your pony’s mane into sections and plait each one to the end. Fold over just the top of the first plait and secure it with a band, so it looks like a traditional plait with a tail hanging down. 
  2. Take the tail and tuck it under the second plait.
  3. Fold the top of the second plait over, making sure it covers the tail of the first plait. Secure them together with a band. 
  4. Repeat the pattern all the way along your pony’s neck.

Lattice plait

A lattice design will really give your pony’s mane the wow factor! Here’s how…

How to do lattice plait in horse's mane

  1. Divide your pony’s mane into equal-sized bunches, from his poll to his withers.
  2. Divide the second bunch of hair into two and secure one half of it to the first bunch with a band. 
  3. Secure the other half of the second section of mane to half of the third bunch, and repeat this pattern along his neck to his withers.
  4. Return to the top of his neck to start a new row. Then keep working down the mane until there isn’t enough hair for another row.

Top tip

For a slightly different look, do a lattice plait half-way down his mane, then leave the hair below it loose.

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  1. Ellie says:

    Thank you for teaching me how to do a LATTICE PLAIT

  2. Amelie says:

    These are all so cool plaits I especially loved the lattice plait so funky!

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