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Find out what makes hacking with a grown-up so great!


Hacking out with your pals is the best way to spend a weekend, but did you know that hacking out with a trusted grown-up can be just as beneficial for your riding? Whether it’s a parent, older sibling or grown-up from your yard, hacking with an adult will boost your confidence and help you find fun new routes – plus lots more!

Bold as brass

Having an experienced adult on-hand out on a hack will do wonders for your confidence. They’ll be able to help with any problems you run into, such as your pony spooking or napping, and give you advice if you need it. If their horse is confident aand quiet, he’ll be able to lead yours through tricky areas or past spooky objects that might upset your pony if he was by himself.

Top tip

Remember to always wear plenty of high-vis, even if your hacking partner doesn’t. It’s super-important to keep you safe.

New routes

When hacking out with your friends, you might have to stick to the same routes so your parents know where you are when you ride. However, hacking with an adult will introduce you to brand-new routes and paths you haven’t seen before, which is a super-fun way to explore your local area. It’ll also be good for your pony to see new things and places, as the more he sees the braver he’ll become.

Hit the road

Riding on the roads is often unavoidable, but feeling confident and comfortable in traffic – should you encounter it – is essential. An adult will be able to teach you about what drivers look for and signs that a car’s going to stop, move or turn. They’ll also show you the best way to negotiate traffic to avoid confusing other road users and getting into a tricky situation.

Top tip

You’ll be able to take everything you learn from grown-ups to your friends on the yard, who’ll be really impressed with all your knowledge!

Back to school

Lots of grown-ups do their schooling while out hacking so they can spend less time in the arena. This is an awesome way to help stop your pony becoming sour while still improving his way of going and building his strength and suppleness. Ask them for exercises so you can try out hacking, such as leg-yielding, transitions and circling.

Quality time

Whoever you hack with, it’s the perfect opportunity for a chat and a catch-up. Talking to a grown-up will give you a great opportunity to learn new things, get advice on all things pony, school and friends, and hear all about the things they get up to. The adult you hack with loves ponies just as much as you – even if theirs is a bit taller than your pony! So, they’re just another pony pal who you’ll have lots in common with.

Top tip

Try to give other road users a wave to say thank you for passing slowly. If you can’t take your hand off the rein, give them a big smile and a nod instead!

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