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Get your pony looking spotless before a competition with these top tips!

Well turned out pony

1. Put in the elbow grease

When it comes to washing your pony, getting stuck in is the best way to get rid of those pesky stable stains! For super-mucky ponies, look for an extra-strength stain-removing shampoo.

Did you know? You can get shampoos designed to bring out the colours of your pony’s coat, such as whitening shampoos, or brightening ones specially made for bays or chestnuts. 

2. Keep your kit organised

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find one of your brushes when you need it most! Keep your grooming kit organised in a handy grooming bag – look for one with pockets that’s big enough to house all your kit. 

Top tip – use a body brush to bring out the shine in your pony’s coat – don’t forget to clean it as you go with a metal curry comb, though, or you’ll just brush the grease back on!

3. Detangle those tails

Using a detangler spray makes the job of brushing through your pony’s tail much easier, especially if his is super-thick! If you’re getting him ready the day before your competition, loosely plait the bottom of his tail overnight to keep it clean and stop it getting tangled. 

Top tip – if you need to plait your pony’s mane or tail, a plaiting spray helps make the hair stickier and easier to plait – result!

4. Prevent the stains

When you’ve washed your pony, use a coat spray to help stop stains sticking and to get him looking super-shiny. Remember not to spray the areas where your tack or boots sit, though, as it can cause them to slip. 

5. Think top-to-toe

Don’t forget the finishing touches! Put a dressing on your pony’s hooves to get them looking super-shiny, and wipe any gunk from his eyes, nostrils and dock – remember to use a separate, clean sponge for each. 


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