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  1. lovemypony!! says:

    hi, i have given them some herby treats( we have loads of horse treats!), and they are getting used to me. i am going to call the blue cross, as there is a local branch a mile away from us. i got my shetland that i won the shetland pony grand national on from there! i have managed to get quite close to them, and i think the wound on the black horse’s leg is infected. i have named him liberty, any ideas for the grey?
    thanks for replying, lovemypony xx
    P.S. i got into a secondry school that i had to do an entrance exam for. my parents bought me a saddle pad to say well done!

  2. WelshsectionB says:

    Hi everyone!
    My pony has started sweating for no reason and Isn’t as interested in his food as normal? He is fully clipped and even overheats without a rug on? Any ideas please?
    Thank you
    WelshsectionB πŸ’–

  3. cobcrosswelshie says:

    does anyone know how I can convince my mum to let me ride in a bitless bridle?! I really want to get a flower hackamore for my pony but she thinks I won’t have any control, even though my pony is (mainly) a saint to ride!! Help please!

    cobcrosswelshie xx πŸ™‚

  4. WelshsectionB says:

    Hi Lovemypony!
    You should probably call a charity like blue cross because it sounds like they are rlly neglected and it’s better to be safe than sorry and give them a good chance.
    I hope they are ok! Good luck πŸ˜‰
    Love WelshSection B

  5. hi lovemypony. that’s terrible! if you are 100% sure that they are neglected, definitely go have another quick look, then tell someone. you could contact BHS (British Horse Society) and if possible, use one of your own buckets, clean it and fill it with water and take it down and sneak it in by the fence/bushes?? if i lived where you did and found out who was responsible for neglecting them, i would grab my whip and smack the brain cells (or mush that used to be brain cells – years ago) right out of them!! XD maybe you shouldnt give them any hay, because we dont know if they have any problems, but do you have any HERBY TREATS!?!? if you do, make sure they have LOTS of herbs and take a few along, IF POSSIBLE. if there is any chance for you to get closer to them, then try and stroke their muzzle and see if they’ll trust you. (ik that sounds like gobbledegook, but trust me on this!)

    DONT do anything if you know it will get you into trouble tho!!

    good luck, luv from LWP (LittleWelshPony) xx

  6. lovemypony!! says:

    hi naomisparkle, tonight i have cut a tiny hole in the hedge and wriggled through. the lame horse has a nasty cut on his leg, which i am going to bring some water tomorrow, to wash, and the other one desperatley needs feeding so i think i will bring some conditioning mix with me too.they are both friendly, although the grey is quite nervy.i haven’t told my parents, because they are far too busy with my dad, who recently had a heart attack. if dad isn’t careful, he is going to follow in my footsteps! i have had 6 operations on my heart. thank you so much for replying.
    from lovemypony xxx

  7. NaomiSparkle says:

    Hi billythecob, I can’t ride either at the moment as although my pony is right outside my house we dont have an arena yet and the paddock is still too muddy so what I do is I practice on the swing. So I twirl it around and I have to try to keep it moving with just my seat, not holding on, sitting up straight and keeping my heels down. I find it really helps with my balance and have been staying on alot more because of it πŸ˜‚. If u haven’t got a swing then ask your parents to buy u one or go down to the local park when there is not many people there (if u r allowed) and take some disinfectant spray for the equipment u use. Hope this helps as I have found that it really helps me !
    NaomiSparkle X

  8. NaomiSparkle says:

    Hi lovemypony, if I where you I would go in anyway to make sure they really are neglected. Keep a close eye on them and work out when there is practically no one around then try and sneak in and check them over and stuff. If they really are neglected then call a horse charity. Take a pair of cutters or something for the bush so that u can get through though dont cut a big path way to it otherwise it might be obvious that someone has been there. If there is always someone around or there is a house right opposite and u can’t get in without being seen then just call the charity and when they arrive they will legally be allowed to enter the property. Hope this helps and that the horses will be ok.
    NaomiSparkle X

  9. Hi lovemypony. Oh, I didn’t realise that you were that far away! I kind of like jumping, but only small jumps. My dad made some for me ( he’s a carpenter so they are proper jumps) but we have nowhere to practise 😞.

    Hi Matchymatchy485. I agree with lovemypony, highlands are brilliant, and you could also look for Welsh ponies, section c’s are very reliable and surefooted. Hope this helps.

    Love from LittleWelshPony xx

  10. lovemypony!! says:

    hi guys, i have a really urgent problem! I have seen to abandoned horses, left in a barn full of sharp bits of metal and old tractors. neither of them have rugs on, one is hopping lame, and the other one is so skinny, you can see every rib. the lame one is black, and the really skinny one is bay. they never have any hay or water, and i have never seen anyone up there, caring for them. it was only by chance that I saw them; I was cycling to the horses and the grey was by the fence. what should I do? I can’t go in to see what is going on because of the thick hedge. and the fact that i would be trespassing!
    please help, I am really worried about them. thank you in advance.
    from lovemypony

  11. so sorry meant to put stronger bit

  12. Hi Sophie have you tried a stonier bit on bounty??if not try a stronger one

  13. Pony pal says:

    I wish I could have a pony but I can barley trot because I have only had 3 riding lessons in my ENTIRE LIFE! Instead I just learn anything I can. Does anyone have any good stables to ride at?

  14. lovemypony!! says:

    hi! to ride speedy and cheeky ponies you need to be quite confident, but if you are not, have a few lessons on the lunge. also, my mum has a saying with a lazy pony you need to use less leg. with a sharp pony you need to use more leg. when i was 9, i rode a thoroughbred called midnight sunshine, and every time you asked him to canter he would explode into a fit a fit of rearing and bucking. to sort this out, every time he bucked i would smack him the whip, not hard of course, and he never bucked with me again. the owner ended up selling him to me. as i was the only person who could ride him. try not to be nervous as bounty will sense that you are not confident and take advantage. hope you find this helpful,
    from lovemypony xx🐴🐴

  15. Hey guys! I ride a cheeky and speedy pony. She’s called Bounty and she always takes off with me in a full gallop, and i get scared when I ride her. She’s a bay appaloosa and she’s 14hh pony. I need help for how to control her. She’s really difficult and i get really nervous when i have to ride her. I need advice for controlling SPEEDY AND CHEEKY PONIES PLEASE!!?

  16. billythecob says:

    I cant ride my fave pony due to.. well.. u know.. COVID! I really want to improve my riding b4 i can ride again. If anyone has maybe a few tricks that I can be thinking about now or even a few exersizes to help my position:) Anything really that can help with not seeing him would really help.

  17. lovemypony!! says:

    hi littlewelshpony, i live in scotland. the rescues show name is stormy night, because dhe was left in our field in the middle of a storm, though we call her mabel. she is a chesnut section a and she is just a companion to rosie now. i used to ride her a bit, but she has a back problem where she had been beaten. i have ridden loads of really spooky thoroughbred stallions, though the faster and the more challenging the better. do you like jumping?
    from lovemypony xxx

  18. patti123 says:

    First you could explain to your parents why you want a pony, and then say you know how expensive it is, as it will all be worth it! Remind yourself that it is a lot of responsibility and it can be tricky sometimes. Make sure that you are serious about what you want. if they are worried about you not taking it seriously, maybe suggest loaning a horse for a month or two so you can get used to it. I have two horses so if you need any more help just ask x

  19. hi lovemypony, i am 11. i havent ever ridden a really scary horse, but i have a ridden a spooky one before, and my aunt has 2 stallions that she competes, and i had to lead one a few years ago. what was the rescues name? i dont understand why anyone would want to hurt and abandon such beautiful animals! πŸ™ it makes me so sad. i would love to ride, and i dont mind if you live in the middle of nowhere – are you anywhere near shaftesbury/tisbury? if not, we can get a meeting place sorted and ride after stupid covid. πŸ™‚
    (my name is B, btw)

    love LWP xx

  20. Hi! (It’s Sophie.HorseCrazy)
    Does anyone play Star Stable Online?

  21. lovemypony!! says:

    hi matchymatchy485, i agree, without horsy parents it can be difficult to get them to buy you a pony. i am very lucky in that i have horse crazy parents. you could go to pony club, if they will let you, and borrow a pony for a week at camp. your parents are sure to see how much you have improved. try helping out at your riding school, this is sure to prove how dedicated you are. i hope you find this helpful. what kind of breed are you looking for? i would recomend a highland pony. my first pony was a shetland and i spent most of my time galloping over jumps. either that or being bucked off. might explain the amount of limbs i have broken over the years!
    from lovemypony xxx

  22. matchymatchy485 says:

    I love riding and I go every week but my parents don’t want to buy me a pony. I am ready but my parents don’t know anything about horses. Any tips on how to persuade them? xx

  23. kyra.cunningham31 says:

    Hi Mae.Mckinney,
    I do watch This Esme I love the videos of her riding her new horse Joey! I also love the night routines too!

  24. lovemypony!! says:

    hi little welsh pony, i competed in the shetland pony grand national at hoys when i was 5, and in 2018 i competed in the mistletoe mini stakes at olympia. i would love to go for a ride but i live i the middle of no where! when i go to shows we always have to travel for like an hour! i hate poo picking, espeacially in the mud! how old are you? do you watch pony nuts? i do. hav you ever ridden a really scary horse? i trained a rescue that had just been abandoned in our field. i t was so sad.
    from lovemypony xxx

  25. WelshsectionB says:

    Does anyone know a 14.2 pony for loan please??!!
    Thank you
    WelshsectionB xx

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