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Make a horsey money box!

Save up extra pennies for your fave pony's treats with our fab make!


This super-cute pony-fied money box is the best way to help you save up any spare pennies for your best furry friend and keep them all in one place! Here’s how you can make a totally adorable PONY money box!

You’ll need…

  • paper
  • card
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • any decorations you want!

Let’s get started…

Step one

Start by downloading your template by clicking here. Then, print our funky template onto paper. If you want to decorate the box with your own fab design, download a  plain version of the template here  and let your creativity run wild! (It’s best to assemble the money box first before decorating.)

Step two

Grab a glue stick and stick the template onto a piece of card – this will give it extra stability.

Step three

Next, cut out the money box. Don’t forget to cut out the hole at the top so that you can put your coins in!


Step four

Then fold along each corner of the money box and along all of the dotted lines.


Step five

Now for the sticky part! Apply glue to each of the tabs and stick them in place one by one. You might need to put a little pressure on for a few seconds so it stays in place.


Step six

Allow it to dry and there you have it – an adorable PONY money box! Time to get saving!



Why not create a money box for your yard to collect donations for your fave equine charity?

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