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Can you spot an overweight pony?

Find out whether you’re able to spot an overweight equine with Spillers’ online test

Keeping your pony at a healthy weight is a super-important part of ownership, so it’s essential that you can spot whether he’s overweight. Spillers are running an online test to help you learn whether you can tell a pony’s carrying extra pounds.

Clare Barfoot RNutr, Marketing and Research and Development Director at Mars Horsecare UK, home of the SPILLERS brand says: “Being able to spot an overweight pony is important as a first step in tackling the welfare issues that obesity presents our equines.”

Body condition scoring is a great way to keep an eye on your pony’s waistline and involves scoring an equine from one to nine based on how he looks and feels. You don’t need any extra equipment, so it’s easy to do and will help you monitor your pony’s weight from home.

“With so many horses and ponies in the UK carrying a few extra pounds, the question is have we normalised overweight ponies?” said Clare. “We’ve designed our test to help you to assess your ability to spot an overweight pony and ‘get your eye in’ on what constitutes a healthy weight.”

For more information, visit spillers-feeds.com

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