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Posted 6th January 2021

All about schooling your pony in a correct outline

Horse being ridden onto a contact

Riding your pony on a contact is the third step in the sales of training. There are lots of reasons why you should do it and having the perfect rein contact isn’t just about making him look pretty. It happens when he’s lifting up through his back, pushing with his hindlegs and stays relaxed so his head drops naturally. Here’s some info on why it’s so important…

Top Tip

For your pony to work on a true contact, he needs to stay in a good rhythm and be supple, too. Check out the January and February issues of PONY mag to learn about how to achieve this with the first two scales of training!

Get connected

The main reason you should ride your pony on a contact is so the energy that he creates with his hindlegs can flow through his body. That way, every part of him is connected and working correctly, from his hindquarters, through his back to his mouth. You can create the energy in his hindquarters by squeezing his sides with your legs, at the same time as creating a connection with his mouth by having a little bit of feel on the reins. Your reins should run in a straight line from your pony’s bit to your elbows, so you have a smooth line of communication with him.

Contact diagram

Did you know?

When your pony rounds his back, the vertebrae in his spine move further apart. This is really good for him, because it stops them rubbing together and causing friction.

Check out March PONY mag, on sale 13 January 2021, to find out how to ride your pony on a contact.


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