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Posted 28th April 2021

How to make the transition from ponies to horses

Girl and horse

We all absolutely adore ponies – their cheeky character, ability to ping over a fence and, of course, their cuteness! However, there’s just one snag – their size. You’re destined to grow taller but your pony isn’t. So, there may come a day when it’s time to move on to a bigger steed. But don’t worry, we’ve got some words of wisdom to help you make a smooth transition from ponies to horses.

Sure signs

You may be just the right size for your fave pony right now, but there’ll likely come a day when you’ll start to notice a change. Some signs you may be getting too big for him include your…

  • upper body towering above his neck and withers
  • legs hanging several inches below his belly
  • balance becoming harder to maintain, especially over fences
  • saddle feeling too short

Moving onto horses isn’t just about looking in proportion. Being too big for your pony can also affect your effectiveness as a rider. If your legs are too long, you’ll struggle to give him the correct aids and your position will suffer as a result. Plus, if your upper body’s too tall, it can unbalance the pony if you make any sudden moves.

Growing up

Everyone’s destined to grow bigger and stronger as they mature, so moving from ponies to horses is a natural progression.

As you get older you’ll not only grow taller but also heavier, which is completely healthy and normal. But, it may affect the pony you’re riding because even the stockiest ones struggle to carry over a certain weight.

You may also need a bigger saddle as you grow taller. Ponies are smaller than horses all over, so one that fits you perfectly may be too big for your pony.

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