Beat the heat this summer

Posted 24th July 2020

Keep your fave pony happy and healthy all summer long

Horses grazing in fly rugs

You’re sure to prefer long, hot summer days to rainy ones, but it’s important to remember that your fave pony might not enjoy the sun quite as much as you do. Here are a few easy ways to make sure he stays happy, even if it’s super-warm outside!

Buzz off bugs

One of the biggest downsides of warm summer days is flies and other biting bugs like midges. As well as being super-annoying for your fave pony, they can spread diseases, cause nasty eye-infections and make him feel really itchy. You can help stop them landing on him by using insect repellent and covering up as much of his body as possible with a fly rug.

A fly mask will protect his eyes and face. If he’s really bothered by bugs, use one that covers his ears and has a section that extends over his nose, too.

Slip, slap, slop

If your fave pony has pink skin on his face, he’s at risk of getting sunburnt, so make sure you apply a layer of sunblock every morning to protect him. You can buy products that are specially designed for ponies, but the ones you use yourself should be fine, too. It’s best to do a skin patch test first, though, especially if he’s super-sensitive. To do this, apply a small, pea-sized amount and leave it for 24 hours to check it doesn’t cause a reaction.

Light-coloured ponies can also get sunburnt on other parts of their body, such as their lower legs and even along the crest of their neck, so try and protect these areas, too. You can buy fly sheets and masks that help reduce the effects of the sun – look for ones that have UV protection.

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