Jumbo the rescue pony

Posted 24th August 2018

Ever wondered what happens to a pony when he’s rescued? Jumbo tells you his story

Jumbo the rescue pony

My name’s Jumbo and I currently live at one of World Horse Welfare’s (WHW) rescue centres and I’m looked after by my dedicated personal groom, Amy. I’d been living with my owner, but I was really overweight because passers-by had been feeding me all sorts of tasty things that really weren’t good for me. Because of this, I got laminitis and I was really struggling to walk – it was painful! Luckily, one of WHW’s field officers, Jacko, had been keeping an eye on me, so my owner agreed that, because he couldn’t care for me well enough, Jacko could take me to WHW.

My arrival

When I arrived at the rescue centre, the staff put a headcollar on me and, after a bit of time to settle in, I was fully assessed by the vet, farrier, dentist and physiotherapist. I’d never had so many visitors and they were all really nice! They now visit me every Tuesday to check everything is going well and I’m progressing. I weighed 686kg (a lot more than I should have) and was scored at 5/5 on the condition scale – it was official, I was obese and we had a lot of work to do! I was assigned to Amy, who was there to look after me (and give me extra cuddles) each day.

Amy says, “Many horses come to WHW unhandled, so it’s really important to put a headcollar on them to help make it easier for us to catch them.”

Find out more about Jumbo’s story and his journey in October PONY, on sale 29 August.


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