Funky polework

Posted 24th August 2018

Spice up your schooling sessions with fun pole exercises

riding a polework exercise

Polework has huge benefits for your pony. Not only can it help improve his straightness and suppleness, but his core strength and balance, too. However, there’s lots more you can do than a simple line of trotting poles. This fab formation will allow you to incorporate loads of super-fun polework exercises into your schooling.

Diamonds are forever

This pole layout is perfect for helping you test your fave pony’s straightness and accuracy on turns and circles. Plus, it’ll help encourage him to bend.

You will need…

Twelve poles of equal length for the full layout or eight poles to create a smaller layout of two diamonds.

The set up

The full layout is made from three diamonds. Use four poles to create a diamond at X, then add another diamond on either side along the centre line.

Exercise: Transitions

Transitions are a great way to get your pony listening to you, as well as helping you with your accuracy.

How to ride it… Approach one of the poles in trot. Once your pony steps into the diamond, ask for a transition to walk, then walk across the diamond. As your pony steps over the next pole, ask for trot again.

Pole exercise diagram

Top tip

 Always make sure you ride the exercise equally on both reins to help your pony build up muscle evenly.

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