Posted 11th September 2018

Find out which clip is right for your fave pony

Clipped pony

A sure sign that winter is on its way is your fave pony’s coat growing longer and thicker. As he gets hairier he may sweat more when he’s working, so you might want to think about getting him clipped. Clipping will help keep him cool and comfortable when you’re schooling or hacking, and it means he’ll dry off quicker afterwards.

Top tip

It’s a good idea to start with a bib clip and see how it suits your pony. You can always take more hair off if you need to.

Did you know?

 Many ponies with a bib clip can live out happily without a rug on.

Bib clip

What is it? The hair is removed from your pony’s throat and chest, which is where he’ll sweat the most. You can extend the clip so you remove hair between his front legs and girth area, too.

Pony with a bib clip

Transform your pony with a clip that’s best for him in November PONY, on sale 26 September.

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