Posted 2nd May 2019

Save seconds in a jump-off with our clever tips

Riding a jump-off

You’ve cleared the first part of the showjumping course, which means you’ve made it into the jump-off – yay! Now all that stands between you and a rosette is clearing a few more fences and crossing the finish line in a super-quick time!

Jumping on an angle

You’ll save seconds by jumping on an angle and you can do it when it’ll help you get from one fence to the next more quickly. You should only jump uprights on an angle as oxers can be too wide. Practise at home, so your pony understands what you want him to do at a show.

Riding exercise: Perfect your line

show jumping on an angle, jumping exercise diagram

  1. Set up a small upright fence in the middle of the school.
  2. Jump the fence from a straight approach two or three times.
  3. Keeping the same canter rhythm, approach it on a slight angle. Aim for the centre of the fence, and keep your pony straight in his body.
  4. As he gets the hang of the exercise, you can gradually increase the angle.
  5. Have a go on the other rein.

Top tip

The clock won’t stop until you’ve gone through the finish, so make sure you know where it is and keep riding forward after the last fence.

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