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Posted 2nd May 2019

Keep your pony free from pesky insects this summer

Pony protected by flies by wearing a fly masks and fly rug

Flies can be super-annoying for your fave pony. They’ll cluster around his eyes and muzzle, crawl into his ears and bite his skin so they can drink his blood – gross! As well as being really irritating, flies and other biting insects can spread disease and cause nasty skin conditions, too, so it’s really important to try and protect your pony from them.

Did you know?

There are fly masks and rugs designed for riding in that’ll help protect your pony from insects when you’re hacking out.

Know your enemy

If you know which insects are bothering your pony, you can work out the best way to protect him from them. Look out for these bad bugs buzzing around his paddock…

  • House flies
  • Face flies
  • Horse flies
  • Midges
  • Black flies
  • Stable flies

Self defence

Luckily, there are loads of things you can do to help keep pesky flies and insects away from your pony…

Fly rugs

These are made from a fine material that stop insects getting to your pony’s skin, but they’re lightweight so he won’t get hot on warm days.

Face masks

Some flies land near your pony’s eyes so they can drink fluid from them. It’s important to keep them away because they carry bacteria and could cause an infection.

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