Winter riding inspo

Posted 12th November 2019

Check out our fab inspo to help you stay motivated in the school, whatever the weather


When it’s feeling chilly and you know the light’s going to be fading soon, you might wonder if it’s worth tacking up your pony for a quick ride after school. But even a short schooling sesh can be really beneficial, and you can turn your lack of time into a positive by being super-focused! So, plan your time and go into the arena knowing exactly what you want to work on with your pony, and how long to spend on each movement. Here’s some inspo to get you started!

Savvy sequences

Giving you and your pony loads to think about when you’re riding in winter will help take your minds off the weather! So, rather than sticking to circles and straight lines, get creative and come up with your own schooling patterns to try! You just need to link a few different moves together – a bit like a mini dressage test – and you can make it easy or more challenging, to suit your pony’s level of training. Not only is this great fun, it’ll help you improve his bend, rhythm and straightness, and how quickly he responds to your aids. To give you some inspo, here’s one we came up with!

Riding shallow loops diagram


How to ride it

  1. Go large around the school in trot, starting on the right rein.
  2. As you come out of the corner before K, ride a half-halt to get your pony’s attention. Then, leave the track at K and ride a 5m shallow loop, returning to the track at H. Remember to smoothly change your pony’s bend halfway between the track and the centre line.
  3. At C, ride a 15m circle and, on the second half, walk for four strides before picking up trot again.
  4. Ride another 5m shallow loop from M to F.
  5. Repeat the 15m circle at A, remembering to include the walk transition.
  6. When you get back to A, ride a three-loop serpentine to C.
  7. Give your pony a quick breather, then repeat the whole sequence on the other rein!

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