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Posted 3rd December 2019

What to look for in your ideal pony pal

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It’s super-exciting when you have the chance to choose your own pony. Whether you’re going to share, loan or buy, there are a few things you’ll need to think about to help you decide which type of pony’s right for you. It’s really important to find one you can form a perfect partnership with, and it’s not all about how cute they are!

Is he the right height?

It’s important to find a pony who’s the right size for you. It’s easy to say you’ll grow into a bigger pony, but you don’t want him to be too strong for you to ride and handle now. On the other hand, you won’t want him to be too small either, otherwise he won’t be able to carry you properly and you’ll soon grow out of him. Ask your instructor for advice, or try a few ponies at your riding school to get an idea of the size and build that suits you best.

Top Tip –You can find calculators online which tell you roughly what size ponies you can ride, based on your height and weight.

How experienced are you?

Getting a pony who suits your riding ability and experience is essential for a perfect partnership. If you’re new to riding or lack confidence, you’ll need a schoolmaster. This is a well behaved, experienced pony who’s a pro at schooling and jumping, and is often slightly older. If you’ve been riding for a while and are more ambitious, you might want a pony who has a good track record in competitions. It all depends on you!

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