15 ways to love winter

Posted 3rd December 2019

Embrace the cold and frosty season

Girl cuddling her pony
  1. Make stable chores fun

A great way to spice up mucking out is to have a bit of healthy competition with your yard mates! Keep yourself warm by racing to see who can finish stable chores or tack cleaning first. Make sure it’s all done properly by scoring each other on how clean your stable or tack is.

  1. Mix things up

Winter’s great for switching up what you do with your fave pony. Why not spend some quality time with him by taking him for a walk in-hand? It’ll be great exercise for both of you! Or you could try doing some in-hand training in the arena. Afterwards, give him a hot cloth so he’s really glossy, and do some carrot stretches, too. This’ll stop him thinking he has to work every time he comes in from the field. Plus it’ll help you get to know each other inside out!

  1. Enjoy cosy chats

There’s nothing more warming than chatting with friends over a hot chocolate in the tack room, especially after a cold winter’s hack. As long as you have a kettle and a few chairs, everyone can join in!

  1. Focus on flatwork

Winter’s the perfect time to do lots of flatwork training to help your pony stay super-supple and balanced. Try setting a goal such as to learn a new school movement each week, to improve your seat in canter or to go up a level at your next comp.

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