April 2024

It’s official – spring is here. Yay! To celebrate, we go hacking with Harlow and Popcorn (spoiler alert, there were zoomies involved!). And we’ve also been getting some groundwork tips from Meg Elphick and the lovely Winnie – check out her five fave tasks on page 26 and have a go for yourself!

Plus, what if we told you we’ve got seven sure-fire ways to help you boost your bond with your fave pony? Turn to page 30 to get started! We’ve also got loads of fab horsey facts for you to discover, quizzes to test your know-how and some pretty epic prizes to be won, including a saddle!

The awesome April issue also comes with PONY trump cards so you can enjoy hours of fun with your pals! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today!

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April 2024

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