Train your pony like Emma Massingale

Posted 5th March 2020

Emma Massingale shows you how to build an awesome partnership with your fave pony

Emma Massingale standing on her pony' backs

Emma Massingale’s a super-cool trainer who has been on some amazing adventures with her team of horses and ponies! She’s trained Connemaras from scratch while marooned on an island, and last summer she cycled round Europe pulling two mini ponies, Percy and Stanley, in a trailer behind her bike!

Emma has an awesome partnership with her team of ponies, who seem like they would do absolutely anything for her! Want to find out how you can create such a strong bond with your own fave pony, too? Then read on…

Have fun together

If something makes you smile, it’s sure to make your pony happy, too! So make time to have fun with him. It’s a great way to build a close bond, and it’ll help him realise that spending time with you doesn’t have to be all about work! I go on a lot of picnic rides with my ponies. They love heading out to explore, then munching on some tasty grass while I eat my sandwiches. There are also loads of fun games you can play with your pony in the arena.

Play time

Have a go at…teaching him to park.

Why?It’s something anyone can try and not only is it great fun, it’ll help your pony stand patiently when you’re mounting, or when he’s being seen by the farrier or vet.

Here’s how…

  1. In an enclosed space, such as an arena, ask your pony to halt. Unclip the leadrope, say “stand” in a firm voice, then step back four or five paces. If he stays where he is, give him lots of praise! But if he moves, even just one hoof, guide him back into his starting position and say “stand” again. Keep doing this until he gets what you’re asking.
  2. Once he’s standing patiently, gradually move a little further away each time. Then try walking in a circle around him or going to the fence and back. Don’t forget to reposition him if he moves.
  3. Up the challenge by parking your pony, then going to do something that’ll take a minute or so, such as putting up a jump. I’ll even park my ponies, then play games around them!


Have a go at…teaching him to push a ball around with his nose.

Emma shares loads more fun games you can play with your pony in April PONY, on sale 11 March.

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  1. i was so excited when i saw this post because, although i don’t have a pony yet i dream of getting one that i can have fun with and build a great bond with. one way that i would like to do that is by teaching it liberty or similar to Emma Massingale.

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