Schleich: Lakeside riding centre

Contents include:

1x House, 3x horse stalls, 1x wash station, 1x wooden horse, 2x cups, 2x plates, 1x sack of oats, 2x riding hats, 2x straw bales, 2x hay bales, 1x silage, 1x bucket, 2x combs, 2x apples, 2x carrots, 1x cat, 1x mouse, 3x horses, 1x pitchfork, 1x broom, 2x saddle blankets, 2x sleeping bags, 2x cushions, 1x cowboy hat, 2x fully flexible figures



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  • Dimensions: 84 x 27 x 31 cm (W x D x H)
  • Schleich® figurines are modelled in the finest detail to help children learn while they play.
  • This item is part of the Horse Club theme world and is suitable for children aged 5-12.
  • Not suitable for children 0-3 years. Warning! Swallowable small parts. Choking hazard.


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