Inspire Dressage Polework Journal

The Polework Journal from Inspire Dressage includes a whole year’s worth of polework training exercises. With easy-to-build layouts that progress as you work your way through each chapter, and prompts to help you reflect, monitor and record your progress. This book is invaluable for all levels of horses and riders.

How to use your journal

This book contains a year’s worth of polework exercises. There are six full layouts, each of which has a series of three stages that progressively build towards the full layout. For every stage of the layout series, there are three full sessions of exercises. Work through each session, then combine the exercises.

There’s space to record your sessions, note how your horse found them and any future aims/improvements.


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This polework journal is for anyone who wants to improve their partnership with their horse. Whether you’re aiming to complete your first dressage test, want to take your horse’s paces and engagement to the next level, or simply want to spice up your schooling sessions, this is the book for you. With 18 different polework layouts and 54 individual sessions planned out for you, this book provides a whole year’s worth of polework for any horse and rider combination. Plus, there’s plenty of space to record how you found each exercise, note what you want to improve and monitor your progress.

  • 162 pages
  • 54 polework sessions to improve your partnership


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