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Real-life Drama: The best Christmas present ever!

It all started on Christmas Eve 2013 when I got a 5 year old liver chestnut pony on loan as a Christmas present.

It was the 24th of December and I had been to look at the Dartmoor pony once before. On the weekend of the 21st I had ridden her with a girth that was really too big for Blazy. She was as good as gold and I fell in love with her right away.

3 days later we drove up to their farm with a borrowed horse box to pick her up. With a bit of encouragement she walked into the trailer and we drove back home. When we arrived back home it took a while to back her out of the trailer (as she was very young and not used to it) but eventually she was in the field with her new friends; Molly, Blue and Jay.

Throughout the year I fell off her many a time and once or twice we thought about giving her back, but we persevered. Now she is the best pony ever. Blazy and I only leant to jump this year but 2 weeks ago me and my 5 year old (who had only learnt to jump this) jumped a 2ft6 spread! Later after this we came 3rd in a 2ft3 fun jumping competition. I am very proud of her and I love her loads. I am really hoping to ride her next year and do lots more competitions on her.

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