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Make a pony heat pack

Stay warm and cosy with this fun pony heat pack


You’ll need…

  •  an old pillowcase 
  •  60x28cm linen, cotton or fleece fabric
  •  needle and thread
  •  scissors
  •  wool
  •  coloured felt
  •  pins
  •  marker pen
  •  roughly 500g rice

How to make it…

Make the lining

1. Cut the end off an old pillow case, so you’ve got a pocket of fabric 52x13cm wide.

2. Use a ruler and pencil to divide the pocket into four even sections, then stitch across the pencil lines using back stitch, leaving the long edge of the pillow open. Next, turn it inside-out, making sure you push the corners out.

3. Fill each section of the lining with three tablespoons of rice. 

Top tip Add a few drops of essential oil to the rice to make your heat pack smell lovely when it’s warm – try lavender or mint oil. 

4. Sew up the long edge to close the lining and set it aside.

Make a pony heat pack, step-by-step photos of how to make the lining

Make the cover

1. Cut out a piece of fabric that’s 60x28cm, then fold it in half down the long side, using pins to keep it folded.

Top tip You could use an old fleece blanket to create the cover or use fabric that’s the same colour as your pony.

2. Draw a 4x4cm square in the middle of each end of the fabric to mark your pony’s legs. Cut out the square.

3. Using back stitch, sew around the front and back legs of the pony, and three-quarters of the way up the long side of the body, leaving a large gap to insert the lining. Turn it inside-out, so the stitching is now on the inside. This will form your cover.

How to make a pony heat pack, steps 1-3 for the cover

4. Scale up, draw and cut out the template for the pony’s head, then draw around it on a piece of felt. Next, cut it out and draw on the pony’s features using a marker pen. Stitch it in place near the forelegs.

5. To make the tail, measure out six 20cm strands of wool. Tie them all with one knot in the middle, then using the knot as the top of the tail, sew it in place near the hindlegs. Repeat for the forelock, trimming it to a shorter length.

How to make a pony heat pack, steps 4-5 for the cover

6. Place the lining into the cover, then sew up the gap.

7. Put the heat pack in a clean microwave for 30–60 seconds to warm it up, then place it around your neck. Snuggly!

How to make a pony heat pack, steps 6-7 for the cover

Download your pony heat pack template below and print off at home!

Download template for pony heat pack

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