Spook-bust your jumping!

Posted 20th November 2017

Fly fillers every time with our spook-busting guide


Fillers are often used in showjumping and they can come in all shapes, sizes and colours. While they make fences more fun and brightly coloured, some ponies find them spooky to look at. This can cause refusals, run-outs or knocked poles – none of which are ideal if you’re after a rosette!

Often, it’s the rider’s reaction to the filler that causes the problem. Look up and focus on keeping an active canter with an accurate approach, and you’ll find it much easier to clear those scarier fences without a problem.

De-spook those fillers

Introduce fillers gradually. This builds your pony’s confidence as he learns through good experiences, rather than bad ones.
Remember, only move on to the next step when you’re both happy. You don’t have to complete it all in one session.

1. Start with a simple fence keeping the fillers at the side.


2. Move them in part of the way, leaving the middle clear for your pony to jump confidently.

3. Move them completely under the fence.

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