Winter necessities: Field-kept ponies

Posted 13th December 2017

Does your fave pony live out? Here’s how to keep him in tip-top condition this winter

Winter brings all sorts of challenges when it comes to looking after your fave pony, especially if he lives out. From muddy fields to frozen taps, there’s a lot to think about and you’ll often end up having to do your chores in the dark, too.

Checking in

It’s super-important to check your field-kept pony twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. In winter, the weather is much more temperamental and cold conditions mean his water trough could freeze over. Your daily checks should include…

  • breaking any ice that’s formed over his water so he’s able to drink
  • checking he has enough to eat
  • making sure his rug is secure and in place. It’s best to take it off, give him a quick groom and put it back on once a day, too. This allows you to check him over and make sure his rug isn’t rubbing
  • placing your hand under his rug to check he’s warm and dry. He should feel a cosy body temperature underneath – if he feels cold or sweaty, you’ll need to change his rug
  • picking out his hooves to ensure no stones, sticks or ice have become trapped
  • running your hands over him and looking him over to check for any signs of injuries or illness
  • checking the fencing in his field to make sure it’s still safe and secure

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