Suss out summer hoofcare

Posted 26th June 2017

Your pony’s hooves demand different care in the summer. Find out how you can keep them in tip-top condition

The summer weather is beautiful but, if you’re not prepared and in-the-know, the heat and dry conditions can cause havoc with your pony’s hooves. Don’t worry, though, because there’s loads you can do to keep them healthy and prevent any problems happening in the first place.

Double check his hooves

Ponies’ hooves often grow faster in the summer, so every time you pick his feet out check that his shoes are still secure and tting correctly. His shoes might wear down faster on the harder ground, too. If you notice that his feet are growing faster or his shoes are wearing more than usual, ask your farrier to come a bit more often.

Clamp down on cracks

Feet are more prone to cracks in the summer because the weather is either dry or goes from wet to very dry really quickly and their hooves get stuck in what’s called a wet-dry cycle. Many ponies benefit from a moisturising hoof conditioner – ask your farrier if applying one to your pony’s hoof walls will help him and how often it needs to be applied.

Find out more about keeping your pony’s hooves in tip-top condition in August PONY magazine, on sale now.

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