Balancing act

Posted 13th March 2018

Being in balance with your pony is easier said than done. Check out these tips for improving balance, so you can move in perfect harmony

Balance is super-important because when your pony can carry himself in a balanced way, he’ll be able to work more easily and it’ll seem effortless. He’ll also work his muscles evenly, building strength equally over his body, which makes it easier for him to carry you.

It’s important for you to have good balance, too, so you can move with your pony, rather than him having to put in extra effort to counteract you. A lack of balance also makes you less secure in the saddle, so it’s a good idea to work on it!

One great way to improve your balance is having a lunge lesson. When you ride on the lunge, your instructor’s in control of your pony from the ground, so you’re free to focus on your riding and position. Ask your instructor if you can ride without your reins, as it’ll help improve your core stability and you won’t be able to rely on them for support should you lose your balance.

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