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Laminitis Quiz

How much do you know about laminitis? Test your knowledge here!

What type of horses are affected by laminitis?

Just ponies, not horses

Any type of horse or pony

Only native ponies

What other diseases can be linked with laminitis?



Cushing’s disease

What diet is best for a lamintic horse or pony?

A fibrous diet, with minerals and vitamins

Starvation – food will make the condition worse

A sugar-based diet to give them energy

Do you need the vet if you suspect your pony has laminitis?

No, it’s not a major problem

Only if you think it is a bad case

Yes, it’s a veterinary emergency!

How should you treat a pony with laminitis?

Walk the pony a little each day

Box rest or restricted movement

Turn the pony out as normal

How did you do?


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