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The essential guide to your grooming kit

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Find out how to keep your pony looking glam with our guide to grooming brushes and how to use them

Pony being groomed

We all know that ponies love nothing more than having a roll in the muddiest part of the field! But giving him a good groom not only stops his tack from rubbing while you’re riding, but also helps keep his coat healthy. 


What it does… removes mud, dirt and stones from your pony’s hooves. 

How to use it… use the hoofpick from heel to toe, being careful to avoid his sensitive frog area.

Top tip – Not sure how to pick out your pony’s hooves safely? Watch our handy how-to video here.

Hoof pick

Dandy brush

What it does… removes dried-on mud and dirt.

How to use it… start at your pony’s neck, brushing in the direction of his coat. Pay close attention to where his tack and boots sit to make sure there’s no mud that could rub him, but be gentle on sensitive areas.

Top tip – For really stubborn mud, use a rubber curry comb or your fingers to work it out of his coat. Be gentle on boney areas to avoid hurting him.

Dandy brush

Body brush

What it does… gets rid of dust and scurf in your pony’s coat. Plus, it helps work up a shine.

How to use it… start at his neck and work your way down his body using short strokes of the brush. Following the direction of his coat, brush firmly with each stroke to get him looking super-shiny. 

Body Brush

Metal curry comb

What it does… removes dust and loose hair from your brushes.

How to use it… this tool should never be used on your pony! Hold it in the opposite hand to the body brush. Every few strokes, run the body brush across the teeth of the metal curry comb. Knock it gently against the floor to clean the dust out and stop it transferring back onto the body brush. 

Metal curry comb

Mane comb

What it does… keeps your pony’s mane and forelock tangle-free.

How to use it… starting at your pony’s ears, comb his mane over so it sits neatly on one side. For any particularly tangled sections, work the knots out by combing from the ends of the mane and working your way up to the roots. 

Did you know? Traditionally, a pony’s mane should fall on the right-hand side of his neck. If you want to train your pony’s mane to fall to the right, loosely plait it down and keep it plaited while he’s not being ridden. After a week or so, it should fall on the correct side.

Mane comb

Rubber curry comb

What it does… removes loose hair and gives him a massage.

How to use it… rub your pony’s coat in small, circular motions to lift up loose hair. Bang the brush on the ground to clean the hair from it every few strokes. 

Rubber curry comb

Face brush

What it does… gently cleans dust and dirt from your pony’s face.

How to use it… untie your pony, leaving his leadrope through the bailer twine. Undo his headcollar and fasten the headpiece around his neck. Gently hold his face with your free hand and brush his face and ears, being careful around his eyes. Use your fingers to work out any stubborn, caked-on mud. Once you’ve finished, fasten his headcollar properly and tie him up again. 

Face brush

Tail brush

What it does… removes bedding, leaves and dirt from your pony’s tail, and brushes out tangles. 

How to use it… standing to the side of your pony, hold his tail in one hand and the tail brush in the other. Brush small sections of the tail at a time, leaving the detangled hair hanging loose and keeping hold of the tangled hair, until you’ve worked your way through the whole tail.

Top tip – Use a detangling spray or gel on your pony’s tail to make it easier to brush through – it means fewer hairs are pulled out, and adds a shine, too.

Tail brush


Do you think you know all there is to know about grooming your fave pony? Test your knowledge by taking our fun grooming quiz.

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