How to plait a tail

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Don't know how to create the perfect tail plaits? Find out here!

Plaiting your pony’s tail

Unlike manes, plaited tails can only carried out on full, unpulled tails. Make sure your pony is safe to stand behind if you intend to plait his tail!


  • Start at the very top of the tail and take in two thin bunches from either side, plaiting them into a centre strand.
  • Continue to pull in bunches from either side, and plait down the very centre of the tail. You need to do this quite tightly to stop it going loose and the plait unraveling.
  • When you reach the end of the dock (where the bone ends), stop taking in side bunches and continue to plait downwards until you run out of hair. Fasten with a plait band or sew in.
  • You can either let the plait hang down loose, or loop it up under itself and sew it where the dock ends, which looks quite neat and finished.

Top Tip

If you bandage your pony’s plaited tail, remember to unravel it when you take it off, rather than pulling it down as you would normally. If you pull it, you risk damaging your plait!

For a step-by-step guide to plaiting your pony’s mane using bands head here, or to find out how to make your plaits look pro have a go at sewing them in! Check out out step-by-step guide here.


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